Jeff Wenger

My name is Jeff Wenger, co-founder/owner at Brickhouse Barbell in Washington, IA.  I was born and raised a farm boy near Wayland, IA, now residing in Washington, IA.  I began in the Diesel repair industry in 1996, starting my own successful Diesel/Semi repair facility in 2002, which I still own and operate.

There are four very important things you should know about me:  (1) I’m a father of two awesome kids.  (2 )I love the thrill and freedom of skiing/snowboarding in the Rockies. (3) I’m a sucker for the adrenaline rush from the power explosion I get out of my dirt bike at the track and most importantly, (4) I have a constant craving for gummy bears.  This is all what led me to the fitness industry.  Running a business and raising two kids, I didn’t allow myself the time to fit in a healthy lifestyle, plus I felt intimidated at the gym.

Everything changed when I  began to adapt healthier habits with food and exercise which made cutting out the unhealthy habits much easier.  I became much more productive as well.  Making time for the gym allowed me to meet other like-minded people trying to make changes for themselves.  Much like snowboarding and motocross, time spent in the gym for me is a bit of an adrenaline rush during a good workout.  I met many great people along the way, including my current business partners.  It created a bit of a passion after sticking with it and getting the results I’ve always wanted.

I whole-heartedly believe there are times to relax and have fun and there are times to be serious and stay on track.  There was a point in my life I slacked on “staying on track” with my health.  After having success with health and fitness, I wanted to make sure other people have the same opportunity by investing in the fitness industry to make that a possibility for those that have always wanted to, but never ventured to this side of the tracks.

My focus is to be a friendly, welcoming face to this industry and make sure EVERYONE knows they are welcome.

Keeping a clear, healthy mind and body, can allow all of us to stay on track and help us be successful with our passions and goals in life.
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