Cody Sobaski

Hi, I’m Cody Sobaski. Born and raised on a farm outside of Brighton, Iowa. I played football for Washington. This is when my interest for lifting took off.

I’m a farmer and raise pigs full time. I enjoy spending time with my family and our four dogs. Country concerts, traveling to new gyms, and summer vacations are a few things I really enjoy. Oh yeah, and food!

My fiancé and I have always dreamed of opening our own gym. With the opportunity 2020 gave us and our friends, we took it and ran. My dream for this gym is to create an environment with every imaginable piece of equipment and positive support system so anyone from any walks of life can achieve their goals. I truly believe anyone can achieve their unthinkable dreams with the right tools and positive surroundings. With hard work, dedication, and commitment anything can be achieved here at Brickhouse Barbell.

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